Stahlrosenhofs Rhythm Magic

Stahlrosenhofs Quiet Thunder  x  De Vel's Behold an Enchanter

DOB: 21 Aug 2011
Color: Red Sable

 Rogue is currently retired with her new family in Austin, TX  CHIC #:  98174


 iRogue head
She produced 2 stunning litters for us which are now out in the world working.
Rogue was my ever vigilant protector. Whether I was in the house, garden, or on the property doing chores she was always with me to guard against intruders. She even knew she was not allowed to eat the chickens.
She has no dog aggression and was quite comfortable hanging out at base with the other dogs coming and going or just chilling out under the canopy.
I could take her to the gun range without issue, and she would work under fire.

She has excellent focus and was super willing to do anything I asked of her.

Young Rogue on the rubble pile  Playing on the rubble pile.
Rogue profile
Rogue is so similar to her half sister Phox. She is a real bundle of dynamite and lots of fun to work with.
rubble pile
 sisterly love
Rogue and Phox on their rock
 sisterly love    
Young Rogue playing on the rubble pile.